Richelieu Rock Day Trip



Similan Seven Sea Club wants you to get the most out of your Richelieu Rock Day Trip. Our fast transfer speedboat, the Nawanoppa, which in Thai means ‘a new step’, takes only 80 minutes to reach Richelieu Rock where you will board our spacious diving boat, the MV Camic. Shorter times to reach the submerged pinnacle means more time for you to discover all Richelieu Rock has to offer whilst staying in comfort once you are there.After a warm welcome aboard the MV Camic and a thorough briefing, divers get ready for their first dive, plunging into the beautiful, cyrstal clear waters of the Andaman Sea. We dive in small groups to give you the best possible service and experience. Theare around Richelieu Rock is not suitable for snorklers, as there is no protecting island or reef nearby.

With an extended surface interval during lunch there is plenty of time to sunbathe on our sun deck, relax with a good book or have a cup of coffee or tea. The second dive at Richelieu Rock will again bring you to this stunning dive site and once more offering you the best the Andaman Sea has to offer.

After the day’s excitement, the Nawanoppa is ready and waiting to take you back to Khao Lak, returning at approximately 4:30 pm before transfers back to your hotel or resort. If you are passionate about diving, operating our day trips this way, we maximise your time to do the things you enjoy most on your trip. This is by far the best way to ensure that everyone will have a fantastic time experiencing the treasures of the Andaman Sea, Thailand.


What can we say, We can say a lot, but, we do not have enough space here. You will have to come and see for yourself.

Richelieu Rock at low tide will show about 1 meter of the top. It is horseshoe shaped or as the french would say croissant shaped. Richelieu rock was made famous by Captain Jacques Cousteau. The name is said to have come from the Purple Soft corals that cover the site.

This is a dive site you need to slow down and look. Every sq. meter is covered with life, so buoyancy is key.

There are way too many things to see, to list here, but here are a few.

Ghost pipefish, frogfish, harlequin shrimp, seahorses, cuttlefish, tomato clownfish, eels, octopus, and if a big shadow goes over you. It may not be a boat, look up, it could be a whale shark.