Koh Bon is a small island about 15 kilometer north of the main Similan Island archipelago. While it is still part of the Marine Park it offers complete different dive sites due it´s geological difference from the main islands.

Koh Bon is well known for his Manta encounters on the famous Koh Bon West Ridge. Between February and April you can spot here 9 out of 10 times this magnificent creatures. The West Ridge is covered with tiny yellow soft corals and hosts a large amount of fish. It is also common to see leopard sharks, eagle rays or sometimes the rare Guitar Shark.

Koh Bon offers another spectacular dive site for advanced divers, the Koh Bon Pinnacles. This dive site can only be dived from a liveaboard and not always as the sea conditions and currents may not be favorable. The pinnacles start at 12 meters depth and end far below 40 meters. This dive site is almost a guarantee to see sharks and rays, but also limits your bottom time to a short dive