Anita’s Reefs

Anita’s Reef is located between 2 islands: from the south-eastern tip of island 6 it runs around the east side of island 5. A site comprising of granite boulders spread down the east cost of these 2 islands with flat sandy areas inbetween. On the southeast tip of island 5 is a rocky outcrop providing the perfect habitat for small critters and beautiful corals.

Anita’s Reef teems with marine life and coral. A huge variety of fish swim between hard and soft corals, staghorn corals and seafans. Here divers can often catch sight of razor wrasse, angle fish, trevally and pipefish. On the bottom of the seabed an encounter with an octopus or Asea snake is possible and stingrays and leopard sharks are not uncommon here too.

Depths reach from as shallow as 5 meters to as deep as 40 meters with visibility between 20 and 40 meters. Currents here are mostly mild so this site is suitable for all divers and especially beginners.