DEEP 6-7

Another dive site situated amongst the typical Similan Island large boulders, Deep 6 offers many large and small swim throughs. This site has been named ‘Deep 6’ due to the fact that it actually used to be off sland 6, since the renaming of the islands it sits off the north of point of island number 7.

The large boulders offer shelter on one side and also provide the dark cracks and spaces that Pipefish love to hide in. Deep 6 is a popular site for seeing trevally and there are often barracuda and white tip reef shark passing by. Deep on the sea floor harlequin and mantis shrimp can be found. The site is known for its hard stone corals, sea fans and soft corals.  Depths at Deep 6 reach between 10 and 40 metres down and visibility can be anything form 10 to 30 metres.

This is one site where there is the opportunity to look out into the blue. Currents can be strong on one side of the boulders so this site is recommended for confident and experienced divers.