Turtle Rock is located just off the northeast of island 8 in the Similans, it is a convenient site for diving as it is near sheltered Donald Duck Bay. The site took it’s name from the shape of the rock near the island, which is also the home of some interesting sights beneath the actual rock itself. As with many Similan Island dive sites, Turtle Rock is comprised of large boulders that sit together under the water forming swim throughs.

Although there is not a lot of coral or much marine life at Turtle Rock, it is often the destination for Turtles, Snappers and Groupers. Long nose file fish can also be found here using their long snouts to search for food. At Turtle Rock depths can vary between 5 and 25 metres with good visibility from 15 to 20 metres. There is little current here so this site is suitable for every diver.